Can Do Attitude!

It took me over a week or so to write my first blog post, I wanted this first post to be personal as this post will set the tone of my blog and in order to understand my blog and me, my readers need to understand why I started to write.

Not long ago there was a time in my life that I was in a very bad mind set, going through depression and anxiety, many people go through this phase during life (nothing new) but for me it was early and unexpected at the age of 24. I wasn’t able to cope and ultimately I lost my personality, I left my friends and family and the small things that made me happy. All of sudden I lost all hope of everything and anything, the world that was once beautiful and astonishing for me started to look terrifyingly horrid and dark. Only earlier this year I claimed my life back at the age of 26 and started working towards a positive and healthy attitude for my self and honestly¬†It is very hard to keep a positive attitude especially when there is too much negativity around the world.

On New Years Eve my husband brought me this bracelet from Bon Vita¬†and said to me that this bracelet is a constant reminder for me to be kind to those who are mean to me, to always remember that I hold the power to what affects me and that I am powerful and capable enough to overcome any obstacles in life. So seven months later I’m sitting here writing my first blog to document the changes in my life and hoping that this blog helps out another person who is fighting the battle within themselves.

Take care my loves!