A Must Read For Every Girl….

So here it goes, I didn’t really know if I should write about this as I didn’t want you guys to think that I am ‘Miss know it all’ but today’s topic is all about skincare and the importance of having great skin.

Honestly, I believe that skincare is the foundation of everything because if you think about it if you are meeting someone new for the first time the first thing you notice is their face, skin and makeup (if they have any on). All us woman regardless of that ethnic background we come from have the same questions, How do I treat my acne? How do I get that glow? Why does my skin so dull? How do I get rid of pigmentation?  How do I get rid of dry skin? But ladies don’t you worry La Alma Life has got your back, I will be posting more blog posts on specific skincare issues and how to battle them from the best of my knowledge but today I’d like to share a couple of my personal tips with you all in order to achieve the fabulous universal goddess glow.

Tip number one always remember to hydrate yourself ensure to drink up lots of water, trust me if you do this just for a week and by the end of the week go check yourself out in the mirror and you will see a big difference, your skin will be clear, plumped and glowing.

Tip number two try using organic oils as a part of your skincare regime, ladies I know oils! your probably thinking what are you talking about, you want me to oil on my face? The answer is yes, The reason why its important to have oil in your skincare regime is because face oils are not like other face creams and serums this is purely organic and not mixed with any other chemicals that are found in many different skincare products and also there are many different types of oils out there that is suitable for all different skin types.

Below is the picture I have taken of the organic oils I use currently and I will link the website where I bought them for and try to get a price for you all.


But always remember ladies in order to have good skin you need to take great care of yourself from within.

Jojoba Oil is the closest to sebum from the human skin, so its good for all skin types.

Almond Oil is not only great of the our hair but also for our skin because of its soft and absorbs in the skin beautifully without leaving a greasy residue.

Pomegranate Oil is great for mature skin as this is a thick oil and its proprieties are for anti aging skin type.

Vitamin E Oil  is great and is a must have for all ladies as it frights against free radicals and other environmental damaging effects.

Castor Oil is a thicker oil that is great for regrowth of hair but it is also great for skin as it penetrate deep within the skin, So make sure to use a little bit of this oil at night only for that beautiful glow.

Pumpkin Seed Oil is great to retain moisture within the skin and fighting free radicals, This oil is also great to use for hair regrowth and works wonders with Castor Oil.

Take care all.