Autumn Favourites…

Hello, My Darlings

I hope you are enjoying the Autumnal weather that the UK brings to you.

This season truly has something magical about it, as the orangish-brown leaves hit the ground covering vast amounts of pavements around London and the cold breeze swinging your way, making you feel chilly and a small thought springs into your mind, “Brr, I need a cup of tea/coffee!”.

Some of my favourite things about Autumn/Fall is when I take a glance outside and all I see is the grey gloomy skies, the wind whisking away the leaves outside and people are wearing shades of mustard yellow, reds, frosty greens with berry coloured lips or nails And only in that moment I take in the beauty that the nature as to offer.

When I am indoors I take in the beauty of this season by turning on my heater with a nice velutinous blanket wrapped all around me, my ugly old fuzzy looking socks covering my feet and a nice cup of a rose tea perfectly held in my hand while watching a good movie with my all time favourite scent of Narciso Rodriguez for her lurking around the room. Ahh, the beauty of life is truly little things.

I hope you all are having a blessed day!

Take care,

Lots of Love,

La Alma Life Sabeeka Haider